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Welcome to Dog Product Reviews!

One of the primary duties in my “real” job is auditing and quality assurance, which is the approach I take in product reviews. These reviews are intended to verify whether or not the product lives up to the claims made by the manufacturer or vendor, and I only review products that I personally use.

I do not conduct a large number of reviews, and I research the product or service prior to purchasing and reviewing it; if I have done my research properly then there will hopefully be very few “bad” reviews. The goal is to objectively determine as best I can, whether or not I feel that the product lives up to its claims.

In today’s society, “misinformation” is commonplace, the line between fact and fiction is blurred, and there is a general lack of credibility. Generally speaking, I pay for these products or services myself and therefore have no vested interest in promoting any one product over another, or any one vendor over another. Having a product review page I receive many offers to write testimonials, conduct “ghost” reviews, or receive payment for reviewing products that I do not use; I turn these offers down so as to maintain the credibility of my reviews.

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